As luck would have it, there are many places you can meet Vancouver TS singles and have a good time. If you’re going out with a group of friends, locals will recommend certain bars and venues on Commercial Drive. These include The Storm Crow, St. Augustine’s, and Falconetti’s. Trans, gay, lesbian, and queer folks say they feel right at home there. You can also go to a local music show – at venues like the Fox, Lana Lou’s, the Cobalt, and Pat’s Pub, there are a lot of trans people just having fun.

There is a large number of trans-friendly restaurants that locals love. One is the Cactus Club, which boasts great service and a beautiful interior. Yelp reviewers commend the servers, the cuisine, the drinks, and everything else.

Another place you can go to is Sneeki Tiki, which has hula dancers on Saturday night and on other nights of the week occasionally. The drinks and food here are really great.

Trans Am is another trans-friendly place, as its name would suggest. Visitors say they have always had a great time here. Among the specials are shrimp popcorn, chicken fingers, and yam fries. There is no drink menu, but the servers will tell you “they don’t need one because they have everything.” They have a variety of “ladies’ drinks” as well. Admittedly, the choice isn’t vast, but at least there is one. The prices are very affordable – two people can eat to their heart’s content for quite a reasonable amount.

The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. The waiters are polite, friendly, and always available. Everybody feels at home. The wall décor is very appealing to people with a passion for design.

Apart from these, there are many other places you can go on a date as or with a trans person. Vancouver is the epitome of tolerance compared to many other cities even in Canada, not to speak of the world on a whole. Most of the trans-friendly bars and clubs are open all night, so you won’t feel restricted in any way. Once you’re there, you’re sure to have a good time.