Any favorable outcome you’ll have from a dating app relies heavily on your profile. You’ll want to make your profile awesome so that you’ll attract hot admirers. If you’re not sure how to cater a profile to meet girls in LA, you can read this article. The odds are that you will find helpful information to upgrade your dating profile.


Humor can set you apart from the ocean of other dating profiles. A viewer may swipe on your profile because of something funny you’ve said. However, humor is subjective. You do not want to isolate people with humor. You may think, ‘I want to find someone compatible with me. Therefore, I’m fine with isolating people who do not have the same humor as me.’ The thing is that you could turn someone away, who you are compatible with if they misinterpret what you said. Plus, you will not be there to convince them otherwise. They will have already declined to speak to you.

If you’re someone who uses humor often, it would be fitting to use humor in your bio. The type of humor you use depends on your style. Some dating profiles use the star emoji to create “reviews” that you’ve authored about yourself. You would attribute the reviews to people you encounter, such as your boss or your friends. This type of humor could draw people to you if your persona is self-assured and relatable. You do not want it to be self-deprecating, especially in Los Angeles. Many people are focused on self-development, so it would be detrimental to use self-deprecating humor to introduce yourself.


Keep things brief and highlight your skills and accomplishments. You do not need to write in full sentences. If you present your strengths briefly, there is bound to be someone who will ask you more about yourself. This may seem that you are presenting a resume. In a way, it is a resume.

Pictures Before you post pictures on your profile, you can consult with your friends. Your friends can tell you if you’re posting your best pictures. If you do not trust your friends to answer with blatant honesty, you can download a picture app. There are many apps online that will give you feedback. Apps will rate the percentage that your profile picture looks trustworthy or flirty. Maybe you would rather avoid a rating system and protect your privacy. In that case, it’s best to simply post pictures that make you feel self-confident. Most everybody would agree that self-assurance is a hot quality.