Want to invest on explainer videos? You should Read this!

Want to invest on explainer videos? You should Read this!

What would you prefer- watching a video or reading through pages of manual?

Well, no one wants to hear boring lectures or reading textual content. No matter which industry you belong to, you will observe that people more respond to visual messages than any other forms of instruction. What’s the reason behind it? This is because human brain is made naturally to memorize images more times as compare to written form.

Explainer videos are those videos that include moving graphics and voice-over that guides and explains audience. They describe things in such way that’s easier to understand. In case of reading, you need to imagine and interpret things and process that’s written. But with explainer videos, you can see and hear exactly what’s happening. So, audience wouldn’t have to picture the whole situation or process in their mind.

Undoubtedly, explainer videos are engaging, convenient, and interactive. All these qualities make explainer videos a good way to market your products or services. Whether, you are newbie entrepreneur, or big corporation, such videos works effectively for selling new business ideas or selling new products or services. Thus, consider it as your first choice.

When you take a deeper look into explainer videos as what they are and what defines them. The explainer videos are simply short and catchy videos to explain new product, service, idea or process of business. If you own a website, then you could use explainer videos as animated marketing videos, promotional videos, and so forth.

Thinking of making explainer videos? Through many ways, you can accomplish this task. It can be done as 2D animated videos, 3D animations, typography and live action videos, with narrator’s voice.

When to use explainer videos? There are few instances where you can use such videos.

  • Like, you created an app and want to explain its working to your audience. In this case, explainer video works great.
  • Or, you can include an explainer video, if you want to increase conversion rates of your website.
  • Thinking to launch your new business or new process in existing business, you need to explain this with help of explainer videos.
  • Introducing innovated product in market? What could be better way to introduce it with explainer videos for better understanding to audience?
  • To demonstrate step-by-step instructions on how to use a latest equipment or machine or product.

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