What Not to Do When Making an Explainer Video

What Not to Do When Making an Explainer Video

Creating explainer videos for your company and product are quite common nowadays. As the world is moving towards digitalization, the behaviour of the consumers is also changing. Now, people prefer to be briefed via short product explainer videos rather than lengthy text.

It is not just about knowing how to make explainer videos anymore. Instead, it is about making the best explainer videos in the category. The competition is tough and everything matters.

Everyone tells you what to do to make the best whiteboard explainer videos. We are here to tell you what not to do. Some of these mistakes can sink your ship before it even starts to sail. Those of you who invest in creating animated explainer videos, you wouldn’t want your investment to go down the drain. So, buckle up and make sure you avoid the following.

Not having a call to action

What is the purpose of product explainer videos? It is to get your customers to buy the product. Not incorporating a call to action tone can be a nail in the coffin. Remember, the script matters. The tone matters. Set a tone that makes people want to act. If you don’t, the purpose of the explainer video will not be fulfilled.

A disbalance between audio and video

Visuals and audio both matter in an explainer video. In order to truly engage your customers and ensure that they watch the whole thing, you must find a balance between the two. Make sure that the visuals are of high quality. Don’t overdo it with the audio. Add voiceovers where necessary. Don’t state the obvious.

Creating a lengthy video

This is a big no-no. No one has enough patience or time to watch lengthy videos. If you create a long documentary about your product or company, no one will bother even opening the link. Understand your customer’s need for short videos. Be pithy. Don’t overdo it.

Not having a target audience

Mass marketing is a thing of the past. Those strategies don’t work anymore. You can’t satisfy the need of the masses. You are better off defining your target market and only focusing on their needs. The more defined your market is, the better video you will be able to create.


It doesn’t matter if you add free explainer videos to your website or invest in a premium one. Ensure that you avoid common yet grave mistakes. If you do so, you will be good to go.

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