What to Avoid When Writing Explainer Video Scripts?

What to Avoid When Writing Explainer Video Scripts?

There was a time when only a few companies had explainer videos embedded in their platforms. Now, things are changing. Product explainer videos are considered an essential tool. After all, how else would your customer know what your product is about? Let’s face it, no one has the time to read lengthy content. Personal and direct selling is losing its charm as well. With such a landscape, whiteboard explainer videos are taking the lead.

Knowing how to make explainer videos is no longer an achievement. Instead, knowing how to make best explainer videos matter. One of the most integral parts of an animated explainer video is its script. This can make and break the effect of the video.

There are quite a few mistakes you can make when writing explainer videos. Here are a few of them. Make sure you avoid each of them.

Taking a brand-centric approach

Yes, this is a huge mistake. If you centre the entire video around how great your product is, you will fail to attract customers. No one cares about the features of your product. Instead, people are interested in the benefit delivered. For this, you will have to take a customer-centric approach.


You might think you are good enough to come up with a script on spot. It doesn’t matter how articulate you are. Even if you are a great speaker, you can’t improvise an explainer video. It is important to have a structure and proper flow beforehand. If you improvise, you might end up missing out on important points. Carry out research. Seek professional writers even if you are opting for free explainer videos.

A freestyle structure

An explainer video with no structure is a train wreck. Ask any professional writer and they will tell you that having a traditional outline is important. The problem with freestyling is you might end up overemphasizing some things and underemphasizing others. Hence, follow a concrete structure.


If you successfully avoid the mentioned mistakes, your company can go a long way. Remember, three things. Take a customer-centric approach. Don’t improvise. Have a structure. A quality script can differentiate you from other companies. You must stand out among competitors. Win over your customers with the best explainer video. If you feel like you are not up to the task, hire a professional. Do all it takes.

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