A Nascent Technology Is All Set To Bring A Massive Revolution

In today’s world we have made enormous advances in many aspects like education system, transportation modes, medical science, and innovative technology and so on. All of these are made possible because people are able to communicate. Often it takes time to make the other person or a team to comprehend what we are saying but eventually they understand each other and then they collaborate. While this is a normal course, many a times, we would wonder “if there was a method where people could understand things better and faster”

The need to get faster results with 3d print services and build creative products gave birth to 3D printing. This was an answer for various needs felt by lot of populace across the globe. Though the term 3D printing is relatively newer to many people, it is gaining importance rapidly due to the kind of products it is capable of creating. This is a method where one can see their ideas come alive. Despite the fact that 3D printing first made it foray in the world of technology in the early 1980’s it was widely known only in 21st century. Since its inception, it has undergone many changes and nowadays 3D printing is regarded as additive manufacturing process.

The 3D printing is a process of creating three dimensional solid objects. As the name suggests, this is an additive manufacturing process which has multiple layers being added in a successive manner to create a 3D product. These layers are fused together to build a product of any size and of any geometrical shape. Prior to printing of a 3D product, it undergoes a series of steps. First of all a product or a merchandise is conceptualized. Once the concept is understood it is modeled using a modeling program like CAD – computer aided designing. Now the digital file which has design is being uploaded into the 3D printer. Now the printer reads the design which is in 2D format, then it slices and dices the design to create multiple layers in a crisscross manner. These layers blend in so perfectly that the layering is invisible and the final outcome is a single finished 3D product.

Thus this 3D printing is a revolutionary technology as it helps us to imagine how the real product is going to look like. Consequently the 3d printed product becomes a prototype of our actual / real product. Now we can make changes and enhancements much in advance and at a very cheaper price as compared to earlier times where we can see the product only when it is fully manufactured. We have the chance to look at the 3Dproduct and incorporate changes if required and see the actual product in a perfect state.