These Are the 4 Pillars of a Successful Explainer Video

Did you know having an explainer video on your website increases its chances of being on the Google’s first page by 53 times? Who would hate appearing here? Being on this page guarantees you increase in traffic, visibility, popularity, conversion rates and above all more sales.

In the end, your wallet will be several coins plus. As you may know, videos are essential tools for building market relationships. How you relate to your customer determines the level of your sales. Importantly, the explainers perform three crucial functions on your website. These are to help customers to know, to like, and to trust your products.

Hence, they lead to the strong brand building. In this essence, when structuring your explainer videos, you need to consider the following four pillars to enhance their success:

The purpose

When creating a video, you need always to have a solid purpose for it. What business goal do you want it to achieve? Is it enhancing your site visibility, drawing more traffic, informing the audience about your products, boosting your SEO ranking, or improving credibility and trust of your brands? Or are you developing the explainer video for use in launching a new product?

In any of these cases, you should always have the purpose you are seeking to achieve with the video. By this, you can know which platform and type of message as well as the tone to use in the videos. Creating a video with a clear purpose leads to better results.  

Kind of message and story to tell

As you know, a good video is a result of an excellent script or story used to communicate the intended message. The way you tell your story will determine whether your customers and prospects will take the action you intended to inspire with your explainer videos. So, at this stage, you should know that online viewers get bored easily. Hence, you need to mind your script length and priority of the message. In other words you must learn how to become a storyteller

Remember, short videos always get a large number of views. This is true with major video platform like YouTube. If you can do your research, you can approve that videos less than 5 minutes always win the viewer’s numbers game.

Video creation approach

Unlike the ancient times, the video creation field is evolving. Nowadays there are more than a thousand ways beyond the on and off camera video creation. In this essence, you have an opportunity to figure out which option matches well with your video objectives.

For explainer videos, you can decide whether to go the animated way, use the character, in-motion, got the 2D or 3D depending on the aim you are looking forward to achieving.  Importantly, your explainers can be in the form of webinars, live recording, or off-camera. Also, you can use characters such as cartoons to make them attractive and entertaining. In overall, your approach should look forward to the needs and preferences of the target audience.


The fact is you are not making your explainer videos for personal use. You want to take your message to the audience and see them taking the intended action. For this reason, promoting or getting the videos to where the audience meet is a core thing in your strategy.  There are several areas where you can send or share your videos. This includes social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or video platforms like YouTube.

Depending on the kind of audiences you are targeting, you can select any of the platforms. Also, sharing your video links on your email messages and a personal blog is not a bad idea. The purpose is to ensure that the video gets to the intended audience. 

And those are the four pillars of a successful explainer videos campaign.

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